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Educational institutes closed in smog-choked Punjab’s capital city

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LAHORE: Lahore has once again achieved the position of number one polluted city in the world as many citizens of the smog-choked metropolitan are suffering from breathing difficulties, though the Punjab government has closed educational institutions and private offices for three days starting from Saturday (today).

According to the air quality data, the AQI level of Lahore was recorded at 301. Due to extreme pollution in the air, people have started suffering from skin, eyes, and throat problems.

As per the instructions of the Punjab government, all the educational institutions and private offices are remained closed for three days starting from today until Monday. Online classes have been arranged for students and employees of private offices will work online from their homes.

The Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) is also taking measures in efforts to reduce the level of air pollution in the city. WASA MD Syed Zahid Aziz has declared Saturday as car-free day and asked all the employees to come to the office either on bicycles or public transport. He banned the use of car in the office on Saturdays.

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