Effect of Ukraine war on Kabul discussed

KABUL (Tolo News): As the war in Ukraine continues, Afghan experts say that the fighting will negatively affect the politics and economy of Afghanistan and that the conflict is turning global attention away from Afghanistan’s dire situation. They further said that international community would concentrate less on Afghanistan as the war continues.
“This will negatively affect Afghanistan’s economy and politics, the world will focus on Ukraine, and recognition will face more delay,” said Abdul Qader Jilani, a political analyst. The United States and some European countries imposed economic sanctions on Russia. European nations and Canada moved to shut their airspace to Russian aircraft, an unprecedented step aimed at pressuring President Vladimir Putin to end his invasion of Ukraine, the biggest attack on a European state since World War Two, Reuters reported.
How will this affect Afghanistan? “A country which relies on aid and always receives aid, the price will climb there and Afghanistan will be hurt much more,” said Norrullah Raghi, former Afghan diplomat. “Sanctions will not affect Afghanistan because we do not have much trading relations with Russia,” said Shafi Azam, head of economic relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to reports, over half a million Ukrainians were forced to flee their country to find a safe place in neighboring countries like Romania, Poland and Belarus.