Eid, a celebration of joy, sharing and gratitude

After a month of inspiring the faithful to earnestly turn their gaze inward and plumb the depths of their spiritual wellsprings, Ramadan has drawn to an end, ushering in the joyous occasion of Eid. As millions of Muslims celebrate Eid Al Fitr all over the world, the essence of the joy, sharing and gratitude that symbolises this Islamic festival is a continuum of the spiritually enriching message of Ramadan. This transition, from a month of rigorous physical and mental discipline to an overwhelming expression of happiness for the bounty and blessings of the Almighty, is a sliver of time with a great significance. The joyousness of Eid is not an end in itself, it’s a path that shows the way forward towards the pursuit of self-awareness and gratitude for the privileges one has and urges us to use this knowledge not just for the betterment of our own selves, but also for the betterment of our society, family, friends and community at large.
Just as every Ramadan is another step towards improving one’s life in spirit, thought and deed, every Eid is an occasion to enter a moment of awareness on our inner power to transform all that we connect to — whether it is people, ideas, society or even nature — with the tools of humanitarian ideals. The happiness we experience as a result of our own good fortune has a transformative effect when it is shared with the deepest intentions of touching the lives of others. The UAE has been a spectacular example of this munificence with its aid and support to millions of people around the world year after year in a host of fields — from health care, medicine, education, environment to relief aid, provision of basic needs such as drinking water and food, and entrepreneurial support to boost employment opportunities to the most needy, to name just a few.
The guiding beliefs of the UAE are the fundamentals of the macro value system of sharing and caring that help build a better world. These beliefs embody the highest degree of altruism and hold within them the key to expanding individual advantage into a universally shared privilege as opposed to a self-centred one. Individuals too can take a leaf from the UAE’s humanitarian values, its generosity and compassion to channel the exuberance of their celebrations towards a greater good. The blessings of Eid will enable such good intentions to become a reality.