Eid & toys guns

Eid & toys guns

Dr. Engr Asim Farooq

Wars in all manifestations left unending adverse impacts over the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and ex-FATA. The war against terror and wave of 80s altered economic, social and political structure of all those who are vulnerable to all these wars. I remember the last speech of Imran Khan in the UN in which he presented his case before the international community. His speech and every word there on such an important forum do matter. He confessed that it was all American interests which confronted us with such devastating effects. Now if you throw the responsibility of it to Americans or others but it posed serious threats and impacts. Those effects are innumerable and deep and broad. For instance, why a child is still mad after toy guns rather than any other natural tilt like children of other countries and cultures.

Is it not an issue when on every Eid we witness excessive availability of these stuff at shops and markets, and in hands of our children. Is it not the geopolitical and strategic vulnerability of this soil that games and hobbies of kids here are too moulded to such interests of them. Are there not powerful hands which exploit innocent minds of our children. The government in last few years was active as when Riaz Mehsood was DC Peshawar, stern actions were taken against the sale of toy guns in bazaars while activists like Amjad Shehzad who is Pashto singer also relentlessly strived campaign against toy guns in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

But this year as during eid days government machinery was engaged in combating Covid-19 hence despite Covid-19 crisis bazaars had the excessive presence of toy guns and its business.

Psychology experts have distinct views but the prevailing stance is that there is not any relation proved of child toys and adulthood aggression. But for me ignoring its pure technical aspects these are symbols spread among people here in all ages. Guns in real or even toys are here more not bearable. Here is not any more space for guns or its bitter memories.

What about our image after decades of wars? If still toy guns are dominated hobbies of children here, then do we again stick to harsh experiences and memories and guns and bullets? Hence there are many questions to answer. Analyzing society is it not the reality that we are fed up from words “gun” and “bullets”.

I being a member of this society and soil can only cry for relief and revival of life here. If someone asks about life, I can honestly speak that again this soil is rich if we let it for prevailing. We have a sophisticated history, culture and very distinct qualities. A soft image can be built in the same way even people will come here to learn how life can be enjoyed. There are many ways and means to equip our youth with those. Healthy educational and vocational institutions need to build where the young generation should persuade his carrier in the direction they want. The more investment needs to be done in the field of education and building the nation rather than to introduce the Guns culture. More universities need to be built in the newly merged areas to stabilize the region and focus on peace along with education. The federal government need to launch a formula which was initiated by China’s President Xi in Kashgar province of China, to create more job opportunities, build new industries, train the people to be an entrepreneur and skill them with such profession through which they can support their family, and play their constructive role in the country building. As Malala says: One pen one book can change the world, same it should be rightly perceived in Pakistan. The globe shows disparity among nations with only reason literacy and illiteracy. That disparity can be eliminated if we heal these deep wounds of guns with pen and book, and through social transformation.

More with that following and enforcement of 18th amendment with letter and spirit can bring about such things in social transformation and economic sphere of people. Hence, social, economic and political interventions with positive means would lead these aggrieved people toward a peaceful, progressive and prosperous life and it would escape generations from these traumas. I hope then our kids will love to choose other hobbies rather than playing with toy guns.

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