Eid-ul- Azha gives message of brotherhood, sacrifice

Eid-ul- Azha gives message of brotherhood, sacrifice: Sanjrani

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Senate Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani felicitated nation on the joyous occasion of Eidu Azha. In his special message on Eid, he said this festive event gave us message of brotherhood, sacrifice and taking care of others.

“Muslims are taught to rejoice in the feeling of letting go of our own interests in the interests of people and sacrificing animals in the way of Allah”, he said. The Senate chairman urged upon all Pakistanis to truly follow the underlying concept and teachings of Islam on Eidul Azha which call upon Muslims to Follow Allah’s orders and be good to fellow Muslims.

He said following the religious ritual of slaughtering sacrificial animal disseminates message of considering pain of others who are in distress and help them in the hour of need to cement social bonds among people. He observed that this is high time that the Muslims of Pakistan and the entire world decide to let go of their personal interests and conflicts and live for the larger good of the Ummah and the whole Mankind. The Senate chairman said the true spirit lies not only in sacrificing the animals but in sacrificing our needs for the needs of others.  He prayed for acceptance of the sacrifices of all Muslims and for their prayers to be answered.

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