Emerging threats and State of Pakistan

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The 246th Corps Commanders’ Conference was held at General Headquarter (GHQ) on Tuesday, during which the top leadership of Pakistan Army made a comprehensive evaluation of the security situation with particular focus on Border Management and Internal Security in the Country. The top brass of Pak Army discussed the progress and achievements of Operation Radd-ul-Fassad and efforts of formations involved in relief operations to mitigate sufferings of people affected due to snow storm in Murree and heavy rainfalls in Balochistan. According to the Pakistan Army media wing, Army Chief expressed satisfaction over operational preparedness of the formations and emphasized continued mission oriented training to ensure combat readiness in the face of emerging threats and challenges.
Currently, Pakistan is facing several conventional and unconventional threats to its security ranging from massive arms procurement of its traditional enemy, potential cyber-attacks against critical military and civilian infrastructure, hybrid warfare, potential rise in terrorism and influx of refugees from a dysfunctional Afghanistan. The deteriorating economic situation of the country is a matter of concern for the military leadership because only economically strong Pakistan can better respond to any foreign aggression against its geological as well as ideological frontiers. According to experts, America’s involvement in the Indo-Pacific region and alliance with India had created tremendous challenges for Pakistan because the United States had provided the latest military hardware and defense technology to India, which will likely be used against Pakistan in the wake of any future conflict between India and Pakistan.
According to experts, Pakistan needs to be more selective in its choices in maintaining balance of power vis-à-vis its economic position. In case of imbalances in the strategic matrix of South Asia, Pakistan’s unambiguous and indomitable policy of first use of Nuclear weapons will be enough to deter any aggressor from undertaking any adventure against it. Pakistan must adopt credible cyber security protocols to counter cyber threats to its defense and financial institutions.

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