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KARACHI (NNI): The Real Estate sector in Pakistan is back in the limelight beating the Covid-19 induced uncertainties and it is showing strong signs of sustained growth.
As confidence returns to real estate, the industry faces some fundamental shifts that will shape its future. We have looked into the likely changes in the real estate landscape over the coming years. According to a World Bank report, the real estate assets of Pakistan are roughly USD 400 Billion. Making the most of the opportunities unfolding in the fast-changing real estate, industry requires specialist skills.
New projects will be built, using eco-efficient technologies to reduce their environmental impact. In Pakistan, real estate has played a large part in driving economic growth.
Unfortunately, the sector has been the victim of, malpractices, frauds, scams, delays, and injustice for real estate investors. our main objective is that our customers can take life’s most important decision which is buying real estate without having any 2nd thought, our chairman’s name rings a bell because it has been immensely instrumental in exposing the truth, unveiling frauds & injustices on many fronts.
This Lahore-born patriotic journalist has been associated with Pakistan’s top-rated channel since 2006 Iqrar ul Hassan knows that peace of mind is an integral part of customer experience and as such, we all have buying experiences that shape our opinion of the company we buy from. He believes customer experience is a better predictor of loyalty and word of mouth, than any other measure and wishes to offer that very peace & confidence to anyone doing business with Perfectum.
The team was founded by Iqrar ul Hassan, Shoaib Shahid and Shabbir Hussain, highly experienced professionals from the real estate industry and media. We are proud to say that we have quickly climbed our way to the very top echelons of the luxury real estate market and aim to be the first truly respected global real estate Specialists and joint venture consultants which deal with luxury and sustainable megaprojects.
“We are the first consultants who identify the tremendous potential in luxury real estate, providing private investors and a top-notch opportunity to purchase residential and commercial units in our collection of upscale properties located in highly popular locations across Pakistan. This strategy for success provides a blueprint for our ongoing expansion into new and exciting markets, reinforcing our commitment to introducing landmark properties that deliver attractive returns to our investors. This unique approach reflects our long-term commitment to our clients, ensuring they capitalise on their investments with us today and tomorrow.
We understand that to be the best property consultancy we need the best staff and today we have some of the most experienced and dedicated team in the industry, consultants who take pride in understanding client’s needs and delivering them with added value and a personal touch. We treat our service as an art , the art of combining experience, professionalism, local knowledge, hard work, and flexibility.
Founder and CEO – Perfectum (Pvt.) Ltd Shoaib Shahid is a global real estate expert. Involved in International markets for more than a decade. He is an advisor of multi-billion dollars’ real estate projects in Pakistan, the Middle East and Africa. Shoaib is An Award-Winning Industry Leader in International Sales and Business Development strategies, Investor, and Entrepreneur. Over 15+ years of experience in Real Estate Sales, leadership, and negotiations.
He is an entrepreneur and pioneer of multi-award-winning real estate companies. Before this, Shoaib had been affiliated with Christie’s International real estate and Sotheby’s international realty, the world’s largest luxury real estate brands. He has won multiple awards of Being # 1 and a Top earner for consecutive 3 years.

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