Emirates introduces diamond studded plane

Emirates introduces diamond studded plane

DUBAI (Timeout Dubai): Emirates revealed a diamond emblazoned plane, on Wednesday.

While the actual picture has not yet been aired, a mock-up image created by artist Sarah Shakeel was shared by the airline last night.

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The picture shows a dazzling plane parked under a starlit sky, which gives us just a glimpse of how this plane goes far beyond first class travelling.

And people were in fact, bedazzled. Several commented on the airline’s page appraising the plane for its ‘christmassy‘ outlook and most were tempted to board plane- a literal Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, but much to their dismay such a design does not actually exist and granted the artist’s creative aspirations, such an aircraft is yet to be seen. Rather, experienced.

However, the airline offers several cutting-edge features and onboard luxuries which hopefully make up for this rich publicity stunt.

This article originally appeared in TimeOut Dubai.



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