End of Lausanne Treaty 1920- What next?

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Sojla Sahar

The treaty of Lausanne signed after the defeat of Ottoman Empire by the allied forces. This treaty divided the Ottoman Empire and the allied forced avenged the long historic grievances in the form of territorial loss and forcefully declaring the Ottoman E-mpire as a “secular” sta-tes. Ottoman Empire has enjoyed its glorious days when its land stretched from Constantinople till Spain and France. It all collapsed and Turkey came into being on the foundations of the lost glorious Islamic center.

The Ottomans had their sovereignty over the two holy places of Makkah and Madina and ruled over Cyprus, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Greece. The time is near when the treaty of Lausanne will come to an end on 24th July 2023. The ending of the treaty will mark the revival of the Turkish regional hegemony as they will be free to drill in the Black Sea, the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The resuming of energy exploration and charging the fleets and ships that pass between the black sea and Meditarinian Sea will provide a huge economic jump to the dwindling economy of Turkey. Arabs are being insecure and are feeling the discomfort because of the ending of Lausanne treaty. The ending of this treaty will give Turkey complete right over Makkah and Madinah that will shift the Muslim respect and affection for the Saudi’s towards the Turks. The majority of Muslims show immense respect for the Saud’s because they have declared themselves as guardians of Makkah and Madinah and they protect the holy pla-ces. If the Saud’s do not ha-ve the rights over the holy places they will lose that unimaginable respect in the hearts of Muslims mainly after their alliances with the West and fanatic Jews.

It’s the cessation of treaty of Lausanne that is posing security and strategic threats to the Arabs from Turkey and its neo-Ottonomist policies. To counter these threats, the Arabs are focused on creating strong security and economic ties with Israel for it will protect them from Turkish post-Lausanne policies.

With the expiration of treaty of Lausanne, Turkey will be free to seize the rich resources including those that are in the northern Iraq. They will have the right to seize the underground resources and begin the drilling for resource exploration. Turkey will also be free to annex its territories that were once under the rule of Ottoman Empire because after the expiration of Lausanne treaty, the modern Turkish demarcation will be non-significant and it will bring huge regional transformations. Turkey will be able to conquer the Greek Islands as they were unjustly given independence by the allied powers with the aim of damaging the strength of Ottoman Empire.

In the post-Lausanne world, Erdogan can be viewed as the sole highly influential leader in the Arab-world that is entirely focused on reconstruction of the Islamic system and the Ottonomist values in the world. This factor is also discomforting the Arab leaders as their power is the support of Muslims and Muslim countries but in the past years they betrayed their own Muslim people throughout the world by allying with the West against them. Let’s take the case of Yemen; they were brutally bombarded by their own Muslim brothers kno-wing the fact that Yemen is nothing more than a white dot on a white paper in front of Saudi Arabia. The killing of Saddam Hussein, the murder of Yasser Ar-afat, the assassination of Hariri, these are all the outcomes of Arabs uninterrupted support to the West. But the times up now. Tur-key will be there to replace Arabs influence on the M-uslims community and the façade of representations of Muslims will be overthrown. These plans are not a piece of cake; Turkish establishment will have to adopt cunning diplomacy and immeasurable patience. Reclaiming their lands will not be a hurdle anymore it just requires effective diplomacy by the Turks. As, Russian annexed Crimea, China recently annexed areas of Indian territory till Ladakh. Not just this, Israel is also blatantly violating the international law and is annexing the Palestinian lands by giving an argument that these lands belong to Jews. They see these areas as biblical, historical and politically belonging to the Jews. Such claims will be posed by Turkey in the near future as historically and “legally” these lands belong to the Turks. When the treaty will be over its application will also have no importance for Turkey and the international community.

In addition, in post-Lausanne world, Turkey might extend its border to the areas of Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Iraq and Syria. For this, Turkish troops are already present in Syria playing an active role in the conflict. On the other hand, it is also in conflict with Greece over the Islands. Such circumstances point towards the geographically and political changes in the region in post-Lausanne world order. It is defiantly going to change the entire geo-political situation of the region that is pinching the Arabs. Moreover, the energy exploration in the Black sea and Marmara sea, the charging of shipments and fleets for passing the sea routes of Turkey will also pose economic challenges to the its counter Arabs. Along with this, under treaty of Lausanne, Turkey had to give up its control over the Bosporus strait that connects the Aegean Sea and the Black sea. It is the busiest waterway that opens up the region, around 48,000 vehicles pass through the straight annually. It was declared “open for all” but in post Lausanne world, it will be under full and sole control of the Turks.

Turkey might emerge as a challenge to the monopolies of rich energy resources and petrodollars. All of these challenges collectively are forcing the Arabs to look towards the West and Israel as two new blocs are emerging. These two blocs constitute of Russia, China, Iran, Central Asian states, Turkey, Pakistan. On the other hand is the West, Israel and now it’s time for Arabs to choose a bloc and it seems like they are tilting towards the Western bloc. The post-Lausanne world hold huge changes but the world has to see how Turkey behaves in achieving its objectives and smart its diplomatic channels will work or will the Western powers chain the Turks in an another treaty for the next 100 years. All eyes are on 2023.

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