End of occupation is synonymous with peace

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KABUL: The Kabul administration’s puppet head recently made a speech insisting that there was no connection between peace in the country and the presence of foreign forces and that the two ought not be be joined together either. He also said that the reason for the presence of foreign forces is Taliban disturbance.

Such are the thoughts of the irreligious elite who for a few dollars sold their conscience to America. Have these people forgotten that the Afghans have always fulfilled the obligation of defending their land from foreign invasion in the most effective manner? Has centuries of history yet to convince these individuals that Afghans are not a people who accept slavery? To the contrary, they have resisted but conscienceless rulers continued to sacrifice freedom and urge their nation to adopt slavery in order to maintain their own unstable rule. But by the Grace of the Almighty Allah, today all such attempts of these humiliated traitors and their foreign masters have been devastated as demonstrated by the tireless 18-year-long Jihad of the Afghan people for the country’s freedom and implementation of an Islamic government. And until these objectives are met, the Jihad will continue, Allah Willing.

It is highly disrespectful to the great sacrifices of our oppressed people that one use other terms to describe this struggle of theirs. Only the occupying forces and their enslaved puppets do so. In order to mislead the Afghan public, the puppets of Kabul have described the Islamic Emirate’s jihad as sometimes treason, a disturbance and other times an illegitimate fight all of which ironically describe but their own actions. They themselves are involved in both treason and an illegitimate war. It should be remembered that when America attacked our country, these puppets participated fully in ground operations and acted as agents for America against their own government and nation. They were used against an Islamic government and are today inflicting disturbing levels of violence on their people all to impose on them a foreign agenda. Now they claim that the Islamic Emirate’s rightful jihad and resistance is the reason for the presence of foreign invaders in Afghanistan but ignore that resisting an invasion is a human instinct and it is the Afghan people who are maintaining this resistance, rather have been forced to do so because they hold freedom above everything else.

Furthermore, to try and detach the establishment of peace from the end to foreign aggression is simply an untrained and a failed attempt at propaganda. Such things are said by the enlslaved puppet rulers to mislead the Afghan nation. The illegitimate occupation of our country and the establishment of peace are like the two opposites of water and fire. Just as water and fire cannot coexist, likewise the establishment of peace and the continuance of foreign aggression cannot take form simultaneously.

The puppet regime’s foolish remarks and stances only strengthen the Islamic Emirate’s determination to further – with public support – continue its struggle on both military and political fronts until the savage American occupier and his domestic slaves are fully defeated. Alongside this, the Islamic Emirate will as always continue striving for the prosperity, freedom and protection of its oppressed people.

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