Energizing Pak-Saudi friendship

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Prime Minister Imran Khan reaffirmed the deep-rooted and historic bonds between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia while talking to Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia Prince Faisal Bin Farhan Al-Saud who called on him. The Prime Minister specifically emphasized upon the need of expanding the economic dimension of bilateral ties by taking steps to realize the vast opportunities in trade, investment, and energy Sectors. The Prime Minister appreciated the activation of the Saudi-Pakistan Supreme Coordination Council (SPSCC), which is the top-level platform to give strategic direction and priority to the development of Pakistan-Saudi Arabia relations. He also lauded the important role of Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia in the progress and development of the two countries. The Prime Minister also discussed the difficulties being faced by Pakistani diaspora in KSA due to COVID-related travel restrictions and appreciated the timely measures for facilitation of their return to Saudi Arabia. While discussing the situation in Afghanistan, Prime Minister underscored the need for constructive engagement among the Afghan parties for securing a negotiated political settlement, which was critically important for peace and stability in the region. Prime Minister underlined that the strong people-to-people linkages helped building solid foundations of bilateral cooperation.

The Muslims of the Indo-Subcontinent and Saudi Arabia have deep rooted linkages/ bonds of religion, ideology, Political, Culture and tradition, Security, and wellbeing of each other. After Creation of Pakistan, this relationship strengthened many folds because the Muslims of Pakistan were able to play an important role in the safety, Security and Protection of the Holy land of Saudi Arabia, custodian of two holy Mosques of Muslims around the world. Pakistani public gives much importance to Pakistan’s relations with Saudi Arabia, therefore, both Countries enjoyed very cordial and fraternal relations since the creation of Pakistan. Both Countries always came up to each other’s help during a time of need in the past. However, the bilateral relations between the two countries got soured due to Saudi Arabia’s inclination toward India and Pakistan’s drift toward troika of Malaysia, Iran and Turkey during recent years, however, rapidly changing geo-strategic environment in the region and beyond again brought them together. So lets hope for the best.

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