EPI introduces rota vaccine in routine immunization program

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Wisal Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Health Department and Expanded Program on Immunization conduct a one day Media Orientation Program for Journalist on the new entry of Rota vaccine here in a local hotel on Monday.

Dr. Jamil from UNICEF said that the vaccine is very important for children as every year thousands of children died from diarrhea and especially from Rota virus in the country.

He further added that as EPI include the Rota vaccine in the routine immunization program which will prevent and decrease the ration of Neonatal Maternal Ration in the country and specifically in KP.

On the occasion Director EPI Muhammad Akram Shah said that the EPI program is further strengthen its program in districts level to reach every child as the department adopt modern techniques to reach and strengthen the system.

He accepted that there are some area in Peshawar where EPI centre were not available but the department were working and recently hire rented house where eight EPI centre were established while other area will be monitored by the outdoor facilitator of EPI.

He share his views about the Rota vaccine and said that it is very important for children specially it will be done from six month to ten month , adding that in Pakistan 38 % children were died from Rota virus while the other ratio were 62 %.

He further added that 21 % children were hospitalized because of the Rota vaccine in Pakistan, adding that 49 % children were affected from Rota virus in Pakistan, Nigeria and Congo countries.

He informed that in Pakistan and especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa routine immunization among children is weak, adding that main reason for weak vaccination is parent’s education as most of the parents were not aware of the importance of immunization and they were not immunized their children.

He further added that it Rota virus is a communicable disease and it can spread and can affect other children if necessary measure were not taken by the parents and doctors.

He further added that already the KP government passed vaccination act 2017 and according to that act if a parents and other responsible person not vaccinate children he may face at least three year impressments and other fine punishment.

On the occasion deputy director EPI Dr. Taimur Shah, Dr. Khail Bangash and Dr. Kamran from UNICEF briefed the journalist on Rota vaccine and its importance for the children.

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