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Erdogan: Turkey and Azerbaijan demonstrate brotherhood to the world

Written by The Frontier Post

BAKU (AA): The centuries-old historical community of Turkey and Azerbaijan is a solid foundation of friendship between the two countries, a motivation for further deepening unity and solidarity. Although diplomatic relations between the two fraternal countries were founded only 30 years ago, the ties that bind our peoples are rooted deep in history.
This was stated by Presi-dent Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the TEKNOFEST-Azer-baijan Aviation, Cosmon-autics and Technology Festival, organized this year in Baku for the first time outside of Turkey.
The head of state expressed his satisfaction with being in Baku on the Independence Day of Azerbaijan.
“As the son of a people who, like no one else, knows the value of independence, I honor the memory of all the heroes who contributed to the formation and strengthening of the statehood of our countries,” the Turkish leader said.
The politician recalled that two weeks ago, together with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, he took part in the opening of the Rize-Artvin airport in northeastern Turkey.
“Today, the leader of Azerbaijan and I are participating in another historic event – now in the “windy city” of Baku. I send greetings to every piece of this land, for the liberation of which the Caucasian Islamic army, led by Nuri Pasha, fought more than a century ago. I send greetings to Ganja, Shusha, Fizuli, Lachin and all other cities of Azerbaijan,” Erdogan said.
“Just as the sons of the Turkish people fought valiantly in Ganja, Baku and other regions of Azerbaijan in 1918, so the sons of the Azerbaijani people participated in the battle of Canakkale in 1915,” the president reminded.
According to the Turkish leader, relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan were at the level of partnership for many years, and then, thanks to last year’s Shusha declaration, they reached the level of strategic alliance.
“We are not one to back down from threats, and we never will be! We will always raise our voice in response to the occupation, we will continue to defend the just struggle. Having no claims to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries, we will not cede even a piece of our native land,” Erdogan said.
President Erdogan noted that Ankara has always opposed the occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenia and has been on the side of justice.
“Turkey is next to Azerbaijan and in sorrow, in joy. We have brought bilateral relations with Azerbaijan to a level that is an example not only for the region, but for the world as a whole. The victory in Karabakh is the last link in the series of bright victories of the Turkish nation. Azerbaijan’s 44-day Patriotic War also revealed to the world the level of achievements of Turkey’s defense industry. We do not make territorial claims against any country in the world, but we also do not intend to cede and will not cede even an inch of our own land!” the Turkish leader said.
According to Erdogan, Turkey strongly supports the efforts of the President of Azerbaijan to ensure long-term peace with Armenia, which will also contribute to peace and stability in the region.
According to the President, Turkey also contributes to the restoration of the de-occupied lands of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh and East Zangezur economic regions of the republic.
“Sprouts of development and peace are sprouting on the liberated lands of Azerbaijan. An international airport was built in Fizuli. Today we are talking about air harbor projects in Zangelan and Lachin. An industrial park is being built in Agdam region. The project of the industrial park of the Economic Zone of the Araz Valley is also being implemented. In the near future, “smart cities” will be built on these lands. Efforts in this direction will continue with the support of Turkey,” the President stated.
The Turkish leader noted that the Turkish defense industry has made significant progress in recent years, but there is still a long way to go.
“A special hope and role in this issue belongs to the youth, their energy and determination. We believe in the potential of the yo-unger generation. Today’s TEKNOFEST is another symbol of confidence in the youth,” Erdogan stressed.
Unity between Azerbaijan and Turkey is an important factor of security and stability in the region. This was stated by President Ilham Aliyev.
“Turkish-Azerbaijani brotherhood and unity is the main direction for our peoples. This is a very important factor of security and stability for the region and the world. The more confidently Turkey and Azerbaijan walk together, the stronger peace will be in our region,” Aliyev said.
The President of Azerbaijan stressed that “the growing power of Tur-key strengthens Azerbaijan as well.”
The International Aviat-ion, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST has been held since 2018 by the joint efforts of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation (T3), which is managed by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology and the CTO of Baykar Makina, in partnership with more than 60 Turkish government institutions, universities and private companies .
The goal is to popularize such areas as aviation, the space industry and the digital economy, encourage entrepreneurship in these areas, identify the knowledge and skills of young engineers, and increase youth interest in technology and science.

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