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Erdogan: Turkey and Israel can keep differences to a minimum

Written by The Frontier Post

ANKARA (TASS): Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog held telephone talks on Thursday, the Turkish leader’s administration told reporters.
“During the talks, Tur-kish-Israeli relations and regional issues were discussed. President Erdogan noted that Turkish-Israeli relations are also important for the security and stability of the Middle East. He s-tressed that differences can be minimized by acting on bilateral and regional issues in the framework of mutual understanding,” – quotes the words of the President of Turkey, his office.
During the conversation, Erdogan also spoke of the need to “restore a culture of peace, tolerance and coexistence in the region.” “In this regard, the development of Palestinian-Israeli relations and the resumption of the peace process are priorities,” the Turkish leader added.
Earlier, Israel Hayom reported that the Israeli couple detained in Turkey for photographing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s home have returned to Israel.
A senior diplomatic official told Israel Hayom, “Er-dogan’s intervention broug-ht the incident to an end.”
As soon as Erdogan’s office was made aware of the incident, a process that allowed for their release was kicked into motion, according to a diplomatic official. They said Erdogan was personally responsible for the conclusion of the incident.
As soon as his office was made familiar with the case, his representatives gave the all-clear to wrap things up. That, according to the official, is when things took a turn for the better.
According to the official, Lapid and Bennett made the decision to maintain a low-profile when it came to Israel efforts to secure the couple’s release. They and their officials also maintained ongoing ties with the Oknins’ children. As a result, family members did not launch a public campaign. Politicians were also asked to refrain from making public statements on the better. The assessment is that this approach aided in securing the Oknins’ release.
Bennett also enlisted all available resources to the effort. According to foreign reports, Mossad chief David Barnea spoke with his Turkish counterpart and gave his word the Oknins’ were not intelligence agents. This proved consequential to their case, officials believe. A diplomatic official said Barnea “works quietly and works very well. Cooperation between them [him and Bennett] was excellent.”
Israel also updated the US and several other countries on the incident. The thinking was that Israel might need to enlist their help in the effort, although this did not ultimately prove necessary.

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