Ertughral – A depiction of our nation beauty

Fida Muhammad

Patriotism has ever been in a quest that whenever persona like Ertugrul Ghazi emerged from the society out, on the one hand, we see glimpses of our ideal leaders in them, while on the other hand we have to bear the loathed roles of Kurdghulo, Bahadur Sahib and Dundar Bey in the form of negativity. This is what the nature of human beings is known for. Paradoxically, it is impossible to say that in the scales of self-belief, the utmost desire to be the companion of Ertugrul, however in the process of self-accountability that will remain equal with the Kurdghulo.

The role of Ertugrul Ghazi, in Pakistan, as much as lauded that the voices began to resonate in the Houses of Parliament. Be it a government representative or member of the opposition, a layman or educated clerics, all of them seem to be enchanted by Ertugrul. Perhaps this nation were waiting for a stranger who can wipe out all the hurdles and troubles with a magic stick. At the time, when the light-beam shone on the horizon of Pakistani politics, the hopes of many people were awakened.

It was as if people had found a way to heal their wounds. The days of discomfort and troubles were coming to vanish. A new hope for weaving sweet dreams.

Traditionally, sooner people began to shed their tears on the fortune awaiting ever before. Signs of despair and anguish began to appear. The same old ways, the same stereotypes and scattered thoughts began to take pathways in the devastated minds. Social media, TV anchors, print media, statesmen and stubborn have wrapped handcuffs up on Khan Sahib from the all sides. Opposition, doing their job well by coming altogether under the minus one agenda, to get rid of the affliction and engage their own supporters beneath the political stake patch. The government seems to be stuck in a swamp. Under the discomfort, I mentioned this uneasiness to some well-educated young fellow-men, full of moderate thoughts. What a straightforward answer revealed the truth, “we have any other choice rather than Peoples Party or N-League?” which seemed to support my blurred thoughts for a while, but for how long?

Probably we are flawless, we have nothing to do with crookedness and we have not gone astray yet. But do we have the least of truth and the honesty like Ertugrul? Was he not going to forgive the unwanted ones? Was he not going to forgive the disgusted enemies? [However, traitors were treated with iron hands.] If we look at ourselves and look into our own deeds, do we have the right to make a quest on those who voted for him and elected him as their premier, even if they didn’t win the election by landslide?

By knowing that they were tied in the Islamic brotherhood, since the times of migration to the sacred city of Madina, the demonstration of Islamic brotherhood spirit is for off. Thus, with whom you play in school, college, joining them in get together parties. You invite them on dessert to the spreading table. You borrow and lend the money to support each one. You do attend each other’s funerals. Sing a song on the marriages. You go to the wedlock ceremonies to have Williamas. You share the moments of sorrow and joy among each other. On the contrary, when the matter of deal comes to a national unity, you become flare up by the scant political issues to slap each other. Even become a mortal enemies of one another. You get angry over the trivial things and forget to cross the boundaries between younger and elder by humiliating each other.

In that case, you give the religion up and disown the faith. Being a Muslim, even human, will you ever look at your hypocritical way of life? When will you cleanse your heart from the extreme hypocrisy? When will you change your mind? When will you make preference over individual thoughts to the stream of collective thinking? When will you show tolerance and patience for the others?

At one time, an elder but simple-minded man was calling Khan Sahib a Qadiani. He spoke him as an agent of the non-Muslims, and has been serving to the infidels. It saddened me and filled my heart with pain to hear this because he is not a stranger to me but he is my own respected father.

I thought, who has put these unbelievable things in the heart and mind which the old man has been intoxicated. Who are the people who are making such baseless slanders and are playing their part in the conspiracy to tear apart the unity of this Nation? Why don’t we recognize such people? Who are inside us in the guise of Kurdghulo to perpetuate the extremism? In spite of take a finger on others, sweep under your own mats and see if you are not a part of the game of the Kurdghulo traitor. Lest you have been diminished all your good deeds and never you knew at the end.

If you think that the current ruler is following on the imported beliefs to promote the sect of Ahmadia or working on a non-Muslim agenda, what about the former rulers? Were they Shiites? Some were Wahhabis? Some were Deobandis? So, some were Ahl-e-Hadith? No? Were that not? When will you come out of the this thoughts of sects and groups? However, your beautiful religion does not forbid you from sectarianism? Despite this, you call each other apostates, infidels, heretics and polytheists on the basis of hearsay. You have no proof, no verse and no testimony. Where is the patience and forbearance that you are calling for? Where is the compassion and love that you should have in your heart for your brethren?

Stop thinking, to look at yourself, ever being a pious, sanctimonious and honest. Stop seeing in the mirrors of self-deception. Stop, if you are a true follower of the rightly guided ancestors, paying attention to the baseless things.

However, by using your wisdom, intellect and understanding, search for a quest to be honest and be curios for the TRUTH. I have a friend (s), you would probably, to whom I listen, on and off, and to bear him with deep tolerance. In maturity with arguments and interpretation in his thoughts, it seems as if to whom he or they like is/are the sacred, consecrated, sanctified, upholder of the righteousness and the blessed one.

But on the other hand, whom they dislike or have filled hatred in their chests seem as if they are the most devilish, rakish, impure and nefarious human beings in the world.

Now, the question arises whether we should not make enmity and friendship on the basis to please Allah Almighty? Should we not follow the path of the companions of our beloved holy Prophet (PBUP)? The ans-wer we have all. “Of cours-e!” but will not just because of your infallible persona and fallacious self-ego?

Look, if we are in the vortex of troubles then it is not a big deal to put every good thing at stake and lament with lull of bad murmur. What happens not in the world at that very moment? There are riots everywhere. Public demonstrations, agitations and protests have been occurred globally, under the brutal baton charges. There is poverty and inflation, looting and plundering is on fire. Anxiety has become achy among us. Lacking in education, extreme financial instability, public health problems, shortage of medicines and food crises have wrapped up the whole societies as well as governments.

Mismanagement is on the heights. Daily mundane practices of betrayal, lying, bribery, intercession, rape, looting, murder, immodesty, shamelessness and indecency are rampant. In such a situation, do we need a paradise-like homeland in which there is no sorrow, suffering, anxiety, hunger, clashes and collide. You can’t get all this at your convenience. You have to make sacrifices a lot for this. We, as a nation or Muslim community, will have to give up interest ‘Riba’ on money. We will have to withdraw our hands from bribery, take and give. We will have to refrain from washing our hands in the flowing Ganges. We will have to hold back unlawful support to our relatives. Intercession must be buried. Seeking repentance from Allah Almighty by doing evil deeds. Keeping away ourselves from lying and flattering. Everything will not be possible with the lamp of Ala Din to rub it sitting at home. If you can’t create good qualities in yourself or if you can’t speak up for your rights? If you can’t unite against the oppressor? Then all the grievances and complaints are worthless and useless.

Now, who will decide which ruler is trustworthy and honest? Which one is deceitful, corrupt, dishonest and unfaithful? It’s up to you to decide. It is now your sole responsibility to decide whether all these attributes of Ertugrul Ghazi reflects in you or whether you are an empty playing drum of empty words.

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