Estonia is ready to install barbed wire on the border with Russia

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Mikhail Sheinkman
Estonia does not have its own Belarusian border. But because of this geographic absurdity, do not fall out of the general European trend. Everything is there now, but she seems to be superfluous on this holiday of the migration crisis. So she hurried up so that she was also counted. And they praised that he thinks globally and looks broader – at growth, on the scale of the entire Union State.
How else. For Tallinn, “if everyo-ne jumps from the fifth floor, you will jump too” is not even a question. T-hat’s an order. All the more so if ev-eryone jumps, and the Estonians cr-awl steadily. Installing 130 kilomete-rs of “thorns” means that their next generation will also have something to do.

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