EU criticize Israel for abolishing Palestinian schools in West Bank

F.P. Report

JERUSALEM: The European Union condemned and criticized the actions taken by Israeli forces to dismantling three Palestinian schools in the occupied West Bank just two days before the end of holiday and starting of classes in these schools.

A school of Arab community was destroyed in eastern West bank on Monday and a primary school in was also demolished the next day in the southern West Bank.  Solar panels used for getting power another schools were also removed from these schools.

Some schools in the area were opened now after the summer holidays while the remaining children will return to their schools in coming week.

Israeli officials said that these schools were build illegally in the area and they did not have the permission of running the schools in this area. Mostly European Union provides funds to such projects with the aim to provide education to the children of the area.

EU showed great concerned over the recent actions of Israeli forces and destroying the Palestinian schools in Bedouin communities in the occupied West Bank and said in a statement that every child has the right of education and no one has the right to create problems for children in getting education.

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