EU FMs decide to create center for European military innovations

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BRUSSELS (TASS): Foreign Ministers of 27 EU countries decided to create a center for European military innovation. This was stated on Tuesday by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, at a press conference following a meeting of the EU Defense Council.
“Today, we have established a European Defense Innovation Center to stimulate and support cooperation between EU member states on military innovation,” he said, stressing that this decision was taken as part of the first community defense strategy called the EU Strategic Compass. .
He also noted that the EU needs to spend “more and better” on its defense.
Borrell said that the European Union will not allow Ukraine to run out of weapons and military equipment at a critical moment of hostilities in the Donbass.
“Now the war is at a critical stage. We cannot allow Ukraine’s military equipment and weapons to run out,” he said.
The head of diplomacy added that the EU countries have enough resources to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine without interruption with the same intensity.
“The EU has enough resources to ensure that the supply of military equipment and weapons continues without interruption at the same level for as long as necessary,” Borrell said, once again confirming the desire to ensure a military victory for Ukraine.
He recalled that on Monday, EU foreign ministers approved the allocation of another €500 million from the European Peace Fund for arms supplies to Ukraine, bringing the total amount allocated for these purposes to €2 billion.
Borrell stressed that European efforts to make up for Ukraine’s military losses in technology are not limited to this. “Beyond this, we must also take into account the bilateral supplies that the EU countries carry out. I am not ready to name their total volume, but it is very large,” Borrell said.
An EU civilian advisory mission has returned to Kyiv to support border control and war crimes investigations, Borrell said.
“Our advisory mission returned to Kyiv today. It will assist the Ukrainian authorities through civilian activities in border control and war crimes investigations,” he added.
Borrell specified that the European Union, the US and the UK have set up a separate joint team to help investigate war crimes in Ukraine.

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