EU plan to coax Iran

France, Germany, and the U.K. have backed off a plan to censure Iran for its lack of cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) at its quarterly meeting in Vienna in recent days. The US and the three European signatories of the Iran nuclear deal (known as the E3) are attempting to revive diplomacy with Tehran. But after the revelation of the EU’s plan to censure Iran, Iran reacted angrily and rejected a proposal for nuclear talks. In the backdrop of Iran’s reaction, the U.S. and the E3 held consultation about their strategy to deal with Iran. Iran had reached a deal with the IAEA last month during recent visit of Director General IAEA, Mr. Rafael Mariano Grossi to allow inspectors to continue their work for another three months. The Iranians threatened to cancel that agreement if the Europeans moved ahead with their resolution. The EU3 with consultation with the U.S decided to hold off on the resolution.

The review of Iranian Nuclear deal by newly seated Biden administration was aimed at pressing Iran with inclusion of new conditions to Nuclear deal in the garb of its return to the deal. Actually, Biden administration is struggling to reconstitute the deal with new sharp terms and conditions to swiftly bring the all Iranian nuclear and strategic capabilities under IAEA’s radars by enlisting new installations under the revised JCOPA. At time, EU3 are acting as front negotiators of the United States to persuade Iran to comply with revised Nuclear deal to evade economic sanctions, however, Iran is not ready to give in and actively fielding to secure its interest. The group of three sorted to pressurize Iran by moving a resolution to lament Iran for failure of the deal, but Iran harsh nod, swiftly returned them to their previous tone.

In fact, the ultimate aim of all these measures being taken by United States and its allies is to complete disarm Iran by extricating its iron teeth through strict monitoring, surveillance and inclusion of all its nuclear and other installation under IAEA’s safeguards. Iran is struggling hard to get more while losing less, it is the war of wits and coming time will decide who would emerge as victor at the end of the day.

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