EU police raided mafia smuggling Afghans

BRUSSELS (Agencies): The European Union carried out an operation to detain representatives of a criminal group that was engaged in transporting Afghan migrants to Western Europe. This is reported by Euronews.
It is noted that the gang members took from € 1 to € 2 thousand for transportation in trucks from Eastern to Western Europe. According to the investigation, the car drivers did not know that people were sitting in their trucks, as the migrants were put there while they were sleeping.
It is noted that the Afghans then endured low temperatures and inhuman conditions for several days on the way.
The operation was carried out by the German and Romanian police. It is known that a total of 27 suspects have been identified, 21 of them have already been detained (16 of whom are from Afghanistan themselves).
Earlier, Gazeta.Ru reported that Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration Matthias Tesfaye advocated that refugees from Afghanistan should not go to Europe, but remain in their region.