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EU wants to speed up JCPOA with Iran, negotiator says

Written by The Frontier Post

VIENNA (RIA Novosti): Tehran does not intend to compete with Moscow in the oil market if Western countries conclude a JC-POA with Iran, Mohammad Marandi, adviser to the delegation of negotiators from Iran in Vienna, told RIA Novosti.
“Iran cannot compete with Russia in the global oil and gas market at all. Iran has long had its regular oil buyers, but now Iran exports its oil at full capacity, that is, Iran produces at full capacity and sells the maximum amount of oil right now. But if the JCPOA is nevertheless signed, then the production capacity and sales volume may increase a little more. At the same time, Tehran is never going to be a competitor of Moscow in the oil market,” Marandi said.
European countries sho-uld maintain reasonable rel-ations with Russia in order to get out of the economic crisis, Marandi added.
“The only solution to their ( Europe ‘s) economic crisis is for them to have a more rational, more reasonable relationship with Russia,” Marandi said.
The situation around Uk-raine is forcing Europe to speed up the conclusion of an agreement with Iran on the JCPOA due to the energy crisis that has arisen, said Marandi.
“One of the reasons for the so-called urgent desire of the Europeans to negotiate with Iran is the military actions in Ukraine and the world market’s need for Iranian oil and gas, the constant need for Iranian energy resources,” he said.
Another reason for the d-esire of European countries to conclude an agreement with Tehran, the Iranian ad-viser called the energy crisis that European countries faced after the start of the operation in Ukraine.

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