Europe is heading for escalation

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Elena Karaeva

The trip to Kyiv of the leaders of France and Romania and the leaders of the governments of Germany and Italy by those who dot and dash in messages for Europeans, in other words, those who draw up such visits politically, was interpreted for public opinion at first as an intrigue, with all these “leaks” and their subsequent alleged “refutation”. After the official confirmation, which came the day before yesterday, late in the evening, this became a leadership act with a high degree of risk (“practically for life”).
That is why Macron, Draghi and Scholz went to the Ukrainian capital by train, the comfort of which is “about the Orient Express, multiplied by two”, and not by a banal government board.
All this should have made (and certainly made) an impression on the gullible and ingenuous Europeans. After all, they will not wonder how many Western journalists immediately ended up in Kiev to cover this collective march of the four main political heavyweights of Europe (Macron, Scholz, Draghi and the Romanian President Johannes who joined them)? Somehow they got there. And hardly the same train.
But who today in the united continental Europe pays attention to such trifles? The correct answer is nobody. It is important to create an atmosphere of imminent and clear threat. And show exactly where it’s coming from.
Not only the mode of transportation, but also the date of the visit were not chosen by chance. At the end of last week, the Elysee Palace announced that the dates of a possible trip wo-uld be chosen so that “it would be useful for Pres-ident Zelensky.” The choice fell on yesterday, on Thu-rsday, exactly seven days before the start of the Euro-pean Union summit, the last one to be chaired by Fr-ance in the current decade.
The main thing, of course, is not on the train and not in the numerous press gang. The main thing is that those who make decisions in Europe today, and those who are capable of pushing through these decisions due to their weight and political significance, have chosen the path of escalation of the current geopolitical crisis.
To be exact, without embarrassment, without shyness, without choosing expressions and using absolute freedom of speech, then two heads of state and two prime ministers solemnly cut the ribbon and opened the way for a new round of conflict. Well, or the proxy war that Europe is waging with Russia. The possibility of dialogue, if one reads as closely as possible what was said at the joint press conference, in any case, a dialogue between public and political (rather than maintaining technical contacts), was unambiguously crossed out and almost never mentioned.
Even before the discussion began, German Chancellor Scholz said: “We want to assure you that the assistance we organize, financial, humanitarian, and also when it comes to weapons, will be continued.” Macron took this argument to its logical conclusion, saying that “Ukraine must negotiate with Russia itself: neither France nor Germany will do this instead of her.”
And again, without emb-arrassment or shyness, the intentions were announced clearly and transparently, and, if we neglect the streamlined (and therefore hypocritical) formulations, revealing their essence, it was said something like this: “We are ready to continue to continue trying to strangle Russia financially, bleed isolate it economically and politically as much as possible.”
Every bast in the line: French heavy self-propelled howitzers – in addition to the six already delivered, and the six that have already been announced, six more will go to Ukraine. A total of 18 installations “Caesar” Paris will send to Kiev. There is also the title of a candidate for EU membership, which, most likely, will be written off to Ukraine as a reward for being anti-Russia.
There are also powerful financial flows that are already pouring in and will continue to pour into the state treasury of Kyiv.
Of course, all these types and forms of support, especially when they are reported publicly and to the whole world, should impress progressive humanity, concerned about “the preservation of the interests of freedom and the principles of democracy.”
They are producing.
And also – but this will not be said ironically – the barrels of these howitzers and other heavy weapons, any “art” already delivered to Kyiv can be directed to maternity hospitals and kindergartens. From these (or others, but also Made in EU) trunks, being at a safe distance for yourself, you can shoot civilians. They will fall, wounded and killed. Small, old, young, middle-aged, women, men, children. People.
Here is this final, so to speak, final rhetorical passage about what all these deliveries are needed for, each time larger and more deadly, from the lips of such, as it seems, resolute and firm in their intention to defend “freedom and democracy” the highest European statesmen do not fly off. We’ll have to help them. And to finish for them what they themselves say, apparently, they are simply embarrassed.
Self-propelled howitzers will break civilian targets. How the “art” that preceded them had already broken them. And so it has been for the last eight years. Projectiles fired from other heavy weapons will explode in the air or already on the ground into fragments. These fragments will hit people who were still alive and healthy at that moment, either killing these people or making them disabled.
European politicians in well-fitting suits, having pleasantly and comfortably traveled to Kyiv to make important, from their point of view, statements of support for the “desire for freedom” and “desire for democracy”, as well as “universal human values”, as they did not see in those, whom Russia today and now protects from death, people equal to them, will never see this.
Just as they did not want to understand the reasons why the special operation was launched, they do not understand them now. And in the future, by the way, they won’t understand either, and you shouldn’t even hope for it. But it’s worth understanding why such a powerful landing force went to Kyiv.
The “non-Normandy Four” ended up in Kyiv because the situation “on the field”, the very one where the battles are taking place, has changed. And it continues to change. The dynamics of changes is not in favor of Ukraine. This is recognized by both the Ukrainian military and Ukrainian civilians.
Those who want, in their own words, “Ukraine’s military victory” cannot afford to lose their protégé.
Even if for this it is necessary to die for newly born babies lying under ventilators and in incubators in the department of premature babies of the Donetsk maternity hospital.
For Russia, the lives of newborn residents of Donetsk matter. There are no foreign and defenseless children for Russia.
For those who in Kyiv made colorful statements both to the public and behind the scenes, there are children of their own and children of strangers. With the latter, you can not stand on ceremony. And their lives are not taken into account.
And as soon as this difference, this actually tectonic break in the worldview becomes clear, the reasons why the trip to Kyiv of the European Quartet, in general, can already be forgotten, will instantly become clear. Because you have to live. And do your duty.

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