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The European Union Diplomacy Chief, Joseph Borrell has told the reporters after a meeting of the EU Defense Council that Foreign Ministers of 27 EU countries have decided to create a center for European military innovation. According to him, the Community has established a European Defense Innovation Center to stimulate and support cooperation between EU member states on military innovation which will work to spend more and better on its defense. Borrell said that the European Community will not allow Ukraine to run out of weapons and military equipment at a critical moment of hostilities in the Donbass through the provision of military equipment and weapons without interruption at the same level for as long as necessary.

The 27 member bloc of the European nations is highly sensitive about its security matters and makes every possible effort to strengthen collective and individual security of its member states in the face of growing threats in the region and beyond. Historically, the group had been dependent on the United States for its defense and security needs in the past and due to reason the European Community failed to pursue an independent foreign and trade policy in the world. Which not only tarnished the image of the community at international level but also dented trade and economic interests of the bloc. The European Policy makers had been pondering on the formation of the EU Strategic Compass over the recent years while the European SIAC (Single Intelligence Analysis Capacity) had endorsed the idea for the establishment of bloc’s collective Strategic Compass during its first threat assessment in 2020. The Council of European Union had formally approved the formation of the Strategic Compass in March and vowed to pursue an ambitious plan of action for strengthening the EU’s security and defense capabilities by 2030.

In fact, an increasingly hostile security environment prompted the EU community to adopt a credible military posture and willingness to act against emerging threats, strengthen its resilience, and invest more and better in its defense capabilities. According to EU Strategists, the objective of the EU Strategic Compass is to make the community a stronger and more capable security provider to be able to protect its citizens and to contribute to international peace and security.

It became more important at a time when war has returned to Europe, following the Russian unjustified and unprovoked invasion against Ukraine. Currently, the EU has planned to establish a strong EU Rapid Deployment Capability of up to 5000 troops for different types of crises and preparing for fast deployment of 200 fully equipped CSDP (Common Security and Defense Policy) mission experts within 30 days, along with the regular demonstration of its firepower through live exercises in the air, sea, and the land. According to experts, the creation of a stronger EU military would add additional financial burden on the member states in the shape of defense expenditures, provide them a credible deterrence against foreign aggression and intimidation of friendly foes while providing greater autonomy and leverage in foreign Policy, trade and economic affairs.

In fact, the foundation of EU Strategic Compass and military capability will enhance the EU’s geopolitical weight in the global community while providing it enormous opportunities to play a more vital and kinetic role in global affairs.

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