Ex-IOK governor exposes Modi govt’s plan to blame Pakistan for Pulwama attack

F.P. Report

NEW DELHI: Power-hungry Indian prime minister Narendra Modi once again left red-faced as a member of his own party exposed his sinister gambit to blame Pakistan over the Pulwama attack.

Satya Pal Malik, the former governor of Indian-occupied Kashmir, brought out explosive truth about the Pulwama attack in which 40 Indian soldiers were killed in February 2019.

Malik makes shocking claims in his recent tell-all interview with The Wire, saying Modi and his aides hid facts from the Indian public about the Pulwama attack.

He mentioned realising that Indian nationalist government wanted to use the attack to blame Pakistan for political gains. In his interview with famous journalist Karan Thapar, Malik said Indian prime minister was ill-informed and ignorant about Indian-occupied Kashmir, and that the premier told him to remain tight-lipped about the lapses, which according to him led to the awful incident.

He linked the attack on paramilitary troops with incompetence and carelessness by the Indian system, specifically of the home ministry.

He also mentioned how Central Reserve Police Force asked for the jet to transport its personnel, but the home minister denied the request. Besides Modi, Indian national security adviser Ajit Doval also told Malik not to speak, which forced him to relasie that the intention was to put the blame on Pakistan for political gains.

Malik recalled being shown the door when he apprised prime minister about corruption. He revealed prime minister’s close aides use Modi’s name to rake in bribes. The former governor said he brought all this to the prime minister’s attention, but added that the PM did not seem to care.

Last year, Indian Congress leader Udit Raj exposed Narendra Modi for planning the Pulwama terror attack. He also raised questions about why the troops were allowed to travel in a convoy and were not airlifted.