IS executed 116 civilian in Al-Qaryatain town of Syria

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BEIRUT: At least 116 people were killed by Islamic State after the group alleged them for cooperating with the Syrian forces in Al-Qaryatain this month before losing the battle against the government forces.

Head of Human Rights monitor, Rami Abdel Rahman said that IS executed at least 116 people in a period of 20 days and accusing them of collaboration with the Syrian government forces.

Syrian forces recapture the Al-Qaryatain area of central Homs province, after three weeks on Saturday when the militants took control of it. Earlier the IS had occupied the town in 2015 but last year the Russian backed Syria forces took it back from them last year.

Abdel Rahman told that after the Syrian force recapture the area on Saturday, the residents found the bodies of the civilians on the streets as they had been shot dead or executed with knives.

The majority of those killed were executed in the last two days before IS lost the town again, he added.

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