Exhausted migrants struggle to shore and collapse on Dover beach

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LONDON: Dramatic photographs showed migrants staggering onto a British beach today after a potentially record-breaking number were picked up off the coast with up to 25 boats crossing the English Channel.

Pictures taken this morning showed one group wading through the water and looking exhausted as they collapsed and sat down on rocks on the Kent coast at Dover after making the perilous journey from France.

The arrivals today mean the crossings could eclipse last month’s single-day record of 235 migrants who arrived in 17 vessels, although it is not yet known how many were among the groups this morning.

One group of migrants was seen walking up a hill after landing at St Margaret’s at Cliffe near Dover today, while another group were spotted at the foot of the White Cliffs of Dover.

Four dinghies evaded Border Force to land at The Warren beach near Folkestone, while the Dover lifeboat brought 25 refugees into the port this morning – and it was carrying around 13 to shore around 10am.

Steve Finn, who took the pictures this morning, told MailOnline that he was at the beach with a group of other photographs when the migrants arrived and managed to convince them to avoid escaping.

Speaking about the blonde lady wearing trainers, Mr Finn said: ‘She was absolutely exhausted, she fell on the floor after getting there. She was given a bottle of Diet Coke and she perked up, but she was shivering to the bone.’

Referring to another woman who was lying on the steps, Mr Finn added that she ‘collapsed complaining of pains in her stomach, and they were trying to establish what it was’ with an English-speaking member of the group.

The Coastguard said it had been ‘assisting Border Force with incidents off Dover’ today, with a spokesman adding: ‘HM Coastguard is committed to safeguarding life around the seas and coastal areas of this country.

‘We are only concerned with preservation of life, rescuing those in trouble and bringing them safely back to shore, where they will be handed over to the relevant partner emergency services or authorities.’ 

Meanwhile, French authorities picked up 13 migrants in three separate incidents yesterday, which included two people on a kayak who were spotted in difficulty by a ferry two miles east of Calais.

A record number of migrants reached Britain by illegally crossing the Channel last month. More than 1,450 arrived by small boats in August, bringing the total since the start of the year to more than 5,000.  

They were seen being ushered out of the cabin on to the stern of the vessel where they were given life jackets. Immigration officials then helped them ashore one by one and escorted them up the gangway.

A dinghy believed to have been used to cross the Channel was seen being towed into the harbour shortly afterwards. Later, more arrivals were seen coming into the port, sitting on the front of an RNLI lifeboat.

About a dozen in life jackets were helped ashore and met by border officials. The previous monthly record for migrant arrivals was 1,075, in July. August’s arrivals saw 235 reach Britain on just one day, which was also a record.

Miss Patel is seeking a deal with French authorities that would allow migrant boats to be turned back in the Channel. Yesterday, the Mail revealed the taxpayer was hit with a £1billion bill for the asylum system last year.

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