Exhibition showcasing domestic products organized in Kabul

KABUL (TOLOnews): At the “Kabul International Exhibition,” traders were able to sign contracts for their products.
At the exhibition, 600 companies selling wares like carpets, jewellry and dried fruit were featured, and women participated.
“They signed agreements between themselves and there were governmental contracts and private sector contracts that were signed with foreign organizations,” said Rafiullah Hamad, the exhibition organizer.
“It was a good opportunity to show our domestic products and for people to get to know domestic products, and the consumption of domestic products should become normal,” said Sakhi Ahmad Payman, first deputy of the Chamber of Industry and Mines.
Some businesswomen said that holding such exhibitions is beneficial for selling and marketing their products and handicrafts.
Sudaba Behroz is a businesswoman, and she has been running her business for one year. She wants to hold exhibitions at an international level.
“We were able to do marketing and attract customers and also we were able to get some orders. It was good for us,” said Sudaba Behroz.
“We got more contracts, we got more orders, we were introduced to more people, they saw our products,’ said Zarghona, a businesswoman.
Meanwhile, some participants said it is difficult without more foreign buyers.
“Domestic production companies are not able to have contact with foreigners,” said Shoyeb, a trader. “In raising the level of the country’s economy, the culture of our country plays an important role,” said Zahir Zuhor, a visitor. At the exhibition 100 women participated and they displayed their handmade products.