Expert explains why the dogs abandoned by the Americans in Kabul will not survive

MOSCOW (RIA Novosti): The American dogs left in Kabul will not survive, but there is a hope that Europeans or the Russian military will take them away – such opinions were expressed by experts interviewed by RIA Novosti.
Service dogs abandoned in Kabul were previously reported, in particular, by the American non-profit organization American Humane, but later the Pentagon denied this information, assuring that the pets of the local animal shelter, which had nothing to do with the United States troops, appeared in the pictures.
However, according to RIA Novosti sources in the Taliban movement banned in Russia, the Americans did take out most of the dogs, but left two at the airport.
According to the sou-rce, these animals may ha-ve seemed “useless” to the Americans.
“Scum. I saw a video that they even left in their cages. Animals will die, they will die. The fact is that in the Muslim world, a certain attitude towards dogs is the first thing. These American dogs are the second. Third, none of the civilians, if they are not familiar with dogs, so they cannot approach a dog, open the cage and at least let it find water somewhere, get drunk. Dogs will die not from hunger, but from dehydration, “the president of the regional public organization believes “Cynology XXI century” Konstantin Karapetyants.
He recalled that dogs have certain needs: movement and nutrition. In general, Karapetyants is sure that the dogs left behind will not survive in Afghanistan.
“After all, these dogs – they served. And they are not to blame for the fact that next to them there were people who betrayed them. Animals will die unambi-guously, and hopes that so-meone will show some atte-ntion to them, very small. If it is not Europeans, Russ-ians or Americans who sta-yed there. … The situation is unpleasant and exceptional, “the expert noted.
A similar opinion was expressed by the creator of the shelter of decommissioned service dogs “Gvardia” Sergei Fokin: “Freaks. There is no need to pay attention, if there is our military transport plane, let them take these animals. Of course, this is inhumane.”
Sergei Fokin expressed the opinion that the Taliban are likely to shoot them.