Experts develop surgical glue to seals wounds in one minute

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An international team of researchers developed surgical glue that can seal up even the largest wounds in a short amount of time. The glue is designed to expand and contract even with internal tissue like heart and lung.

Forget stitches or staples. A new type of surgical glue can do what those cannot — create a truly complete seal. This innovative tool comes from collaboration between researchers from the United States and Australia who ultimately want to use the glue in emergency situations.

The glue is called MeTro and it s tailored to be used on wounds that risk reopening due to constantly expanding and contraction. The researchers noted that it would even work on internal tissues including heart and lung.

The material also works on internal wounds that are often in hard-to-reach areas and have typically required staples or sutures due to surrounding body fluid hampering the effectiveness of other sealants.

The researchers tested MeTro to seal cuts in the arteries and lungs of rodents. They also used the glue in the lungs of pigs. The glue worked without the need for additional closures in all cases.