Experts warn air pollution reducing life expectancy of citizens by 4 years

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LAHORE: Experts warn that air pollution is reducing the life expectancy of Pakistani citizens by about four and a half years.

According to experts, spending 24 hours in the air in Lahore means that you have lit about 10 cigarettes.

According to the Air Quality Index Life, air pollution in Pakistan is reducing almost four years of the average age of its citizens, while the average life expectancy of those who breathe in the polluted air of Lahore is decreasing by 5 years.

According to the report of the Air Quality Life Index, Pakistan has become the fourth most polluted country in the world. About 210 million people in Pakistan are affected by pollution. Due to pollution, the average age of Pakistani citizens is decreasing by 3 to 4 years.

The report reveals that pollution in the country has increased by an average of 20% annually since 1998, with South Punjab and North Sindh topping the list.

Experts say a clean climate could increase the average age of Karachi residents by 3.6 years, while Lahore and Islamabad residents could increase the average age by 5 and 4 years, respectively.

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