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Explosive recovered from militants poses huge threat to police offices

Naimat Khan

KARACHI: A huge cache of explosive dumped in different offices of the police can create havoc due to lack of safety measures, it emerged on Tuesday.

“ A huge cache of explosive recovered from militants during different raids and shootouts is laying in different police offices, including the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD), which may give birth to tragedy,” told a senior police official while demanding anonymity.

The explosive include but not limited to different types of bombs, detonators and Explosive, which if ignited can remove the police offices from face of the earth, sources added. According to sources the explosive can be discarded after it forensic examination or may be stored at safe places with due safety measure being taken.

In April 2016, a grenade accidentally exploded in an anti-terrorism court in Karachi when a judge asked policeman to demonstrate as how it worked.

Constable Liaquat Ali was injured by the blast moments after he assured the judge that the piece of evidence had been disarmed. Court assistant Shoaib Ahmed was also hurt by shrapnel wounds to his hand and head, while the judge fell off his chair, according to report.

The anti-terror court in Karachi had been shown evidence against a man accused of fighting police. Among the weapons captured at the time of his arrest and displayed in court were heavy weapons, hand grenades and explosives.

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