‘Facts about Faryab situation hidden from president’

‘Facts about Faryab situation hidden from president’

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MAIMANA: The Provincial Council (PC) in northern Faryab province has accused police and the 209th Shaheen Military Corps of providing ‘wrong information’ to the president regarding security situation of the province.

Last week, Governor Humayon Fowzi and 209th Shaheen Military Corps Commander Gen. Amanullah Mubin, in the presence of vice chief of army staff and other security officials, discussed security situation in Faryab through a video conference with President Ashraf Ghani.

But PC members alleged the president had been provided ‘wrong information’ and facts were kept hidden.

Sibghatullah Selab, deputy head of the council, told Pajhwok Afghan News that currently the government’s control had reduced to the district buildings and main bazaars in 12 districts.

Highways and link roads to the district and other provinces were in Taliban’s hands if the government did not pay proper attention, the situation of Kunduz and Farah could repeat in Faryab, he warned.

He alleged the governor and security bosses had provided wrong information to the president regarding the security situation of Faryab. He added the president had also thanked the local officials after hearing the overall situation in Faryab.

Syed Abdul Baqi Hashami, member of the Faryab PC, said the situation in Faryab was dangerous and militants were more active in Khawaja Sabz Posh, Sherin Tagab, Dawlatabad, Qarmaqul and Andkhoi districts.

He said the people of Faryab continued to suffer due to misleading briefing of the governor and security officials to the president.

He demanded the president remove the governor and commander of Shaheen Military Corps over sharing wrong information regarding the security situation of Faryab.

Governor Fawzi said the video conference with the president was conducted over two main issues — security and development.

About security situation, the corps commander provided information to the president and about development and governance, he briefed the president. He said if the corps commander had hidden facts from the president, it belonged to him.

He said terrorists and the enemies of Afghanistan were striving to deteriorate security situation in the province ahead of upcoming elections.

But security forces with support of the masses were fully prepared to defeat them and their nefarious designs, he said.

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