Fakhrizadeh assassination

Israel has all along shown animosity towards the pursuit of nuclear research by Islamic countries, be it for peaceful purpose of cheap energy generation or producing weapons for defence purpose. It had launched a surprise air strike on under construction nuclear reactor in Iraq on June 7, 1981. The IAE cleared facility was being built with the technical assistance of France. In the attack French engineers and scientist were also killed.

So far Iran has succeeded to thwart such like attacks on its nuclear research facilities. Israel targeted Mohsan Fahrizadeh the father of Iran’s nuclear programme. The prominent Iranian physicist, well known to IAE, was assassinated on Friday near Tehran in a terrorist attack. Iranian Foreign Minister Dr. Jawad Zarif has blamed the attack on Israel. After the alleged killing, a video was uploaded to twitter in which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nethan Yahoo recounted his achievement during the week. Earlier in 2018 he had made an oblique reference to the Iranian scientist.

There are bold indications that the outgoing US President Donald Trump is increasing pressure on Iran to ignite full blown war in the region. The murder of Fakhrizafeh is likely to complicate any effort by the President-elect Joe Biden to revive the detent of Barak Obama presidency between Iran and its adversaries in the region. The incident is an eye opener for the Muslim leaders, if they have the vision and spine to realise the threat posed by Israel to the sovereignty of their countries.

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