Families leave homes in over lack of schools

FARAH (TOLOnews): Many residents of the Farahrud district in the western province of Farah have left their homes and moved to the provincial center due to the lack of schools for their children in their villages.
The residents said local officials so far have not paid attention to the matter.
To enroll his five children in school, Rahmuddin Akhundzadah, a resident of the Farahrud district, has moved from Robat Turkan in the district, to the city of Farah.
“I came from the district to the center because there wasn’t any school for my children,” Rahmuddin said. “I moved here so that my children can go to school.”
Some Farahrud residents said that despite repeated requests from the local authorities, the district’s schools have remained inactive for an unknown reason.
“Our youth are so illiterate that they cannot write their names. When they go to the doctor, they cannot differentiate between a pharmacy and a repair shop,” said Sayed Daud, a resident of Farahrud.
But officials in Farah’s education department said they will open at least 15 schools in the district the next school year.
“We are trying to activate fifteen schools for them, which will include high schools and primary schools,” said Akhtar Mohammad Zaeem, head of the education department in Farah.
According to local officials, there are more than 130 villages in the Farahrud district, but only six of them have schools.