Families of 8 killed in Balkh demand justice

MAZAR-E-SHARIF (TOLOnews): Family members of eight people who were shot and killed in Mazar-e-Sharif by Islamic Emirate forces for “being involved in kidnapping,” protested in front of the UNAMA compound.
They claimed their slain family members were involved in private sector business and had gone to their relatives’ houses in Mazar-e-Sharif.
“I want justice. Whoever gave the wrong information, that person should be questioned about why he/her gave inaccurate information,” said Samandar, a family member of the victims.
“They must answer for themselves. Why did they shoot at them? Why were these youth martyred without committing any offense?” said Abdul Baqi, a relative of a victim.
“One of them is deputy of a company and another one is head of the company, and they are brothers. Their nephews were working as marketing managers because the company was both logistics and construction,” said Abdul Jabar, a protestor.
The Interior Ministry’s spokesman, Abdul Nafay Takor, said that the Islamic Emirate’s forces conducted operations against these individuals and they responded with armed resistance, so they were shot and killed.
“Our security forces conducted an operation in Mazar-e-Sharif and eliminated 8 kidnappers. The kidnappers were eliminated after they showed armed resistance,” he said.
The protestors called for justice.
On Wednesday, the security department of Balkh announced that at least eight people were killed in an operation conducted by the Islamic Emirate.
The Balkh security department said these individuals were involved in abduction cases.