Families of air strikes’ victims, seek justice

KABUL (Tolo News): Some residents of Kunduz who are in Kabul for the last few days said they have lost their family members in airstrikes and that now they are in the Afghan capital to seek justice for their loved ones.

The residents said that four houses were destroyed and all members of a family were killed in airstrikes in Kunduz city last year, but so far, the families said their demands have not been addressed by the government. “We shared the issue with the government, but a convincing response was not given when it comes to finding the perpetrators of the killing of my brother’s family,” said Daud Rahmani, member of a victim’s family.

“You are in deep sleep and suddenly an airstrike happens. Is it logic?” asked Asadullah, a Kunduz resident. The residents said the government has not paid the required attention to the matter. “No one would have done such a crime if the perpetrators of the incident were identified and were handed to judiciaries,” said Mohammad Rafi Kakar, a Kunduz resident. The Ministry of Martyrs and Disabled said that at least 3,000 families who are living in Taliban-influenced areas in Kunduz have been deprived of assistance.