Farah governor steps down amid public unity

Monitoring Desk

FARAH CITY: The Governor of western Farah Province Mohammad Arif Shah Jahan has resigned from his post citing corruption, mafia groups and protection of national unity among the people reasons behind his resignation.

He told reporters here: “In regards to the national unity of the people of Farah Thursday through the media I want to inform the National Unity Government about my resignation from the governor post.”

He added corruption and the presence of mafia groups were another reasons behind his resignation and said he would present a detail report in this regard to the president.

He asked the president to pay proper attention to the situation of Farah province.

Shah Jahan acknowledged that a large number of security forces had been killed during recent clashes in Farah. He claimed soon after taking the charge of the province he prevented a possible defeat of Farah at the hands of militants.

Hundreds of people took to the street in Farah City protested against growing insecurity and demanded the trial of a policeman who shot dead an innocent young man.

According to Deputy Governor Mohammad Younus Rasouli over 200 security personnel had been killed in Farah clashes in the past two months.

Shah Jahan was appointed as the governor of Farah in Aprail, 2017.