Farah Iqrar reveals why she suddenly started covering her head

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Iqrar-Ul-Hassan’s second wife and anchorperson Farah Iqrar in a recent podcast with Ahmed Fozan revealed the reason behind the sudden change in her and how she decided to cover her head.

Farah said: “Even when I was not covering my head, I used to pray, fast, and attend my Quran lessons on a regular basis. When I performed Umrah, I felt comfortable covering my head, but I was not sure of my choice at that time. However, after my father fell ill and I started visiting the hospital frequently, I saw people in miseries there. As a result, I grew closer to Allah and became a more ardent follower of religion. I also started covering my head, staying in Wuzzo, and performing long-duration ibadats on a regular basis. Many of my friends told me that I had turned into an old woman and that they feared for my career, but I remained steadfast in my decision.”

“Let me tell you that that I will soon be appearing on television with my head covered. This is also something that many people respect. People now message me that they have started covering their heads following my footsteps,” she added.