Fascinated by reading: Why the Americans lost to British in exercises

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Ilya Kharlamov
Joe Biden’s political opponents in the United States blamed him for the poor training of the American military. In the recent m-aneuvers “Green dagge ” in the California desert are “surrendered” before the British colleagues.
Republican Senator Josh Hawley, cited by The Daily Telegraph, has found an explanation for the defeat of the US military by British Marines while honing combat skills in California. The Americans suffered large notional losses in equipment and manpower and lost two-thirds of the territory under their control, which forced them to ask to turn on the “pause” button. The parliamentarian believes that instead of real military training, his compatriots in uniform are “focused on cultural wars.” Namely – reading texts about critical racial theory and “white rage”. According to Hawley, Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley on instructions from the White House, a social experiment is being carried out in the army to the detriment of the combat training of soldiers and officers. He called for teaching them how to fight, which Democrats don’t, and called them still the best military in the world.
This attack on a rival party, at first glance, was emotional in nature and was understandable from a political point of view: rivals must always and everywhere be criticized. Nevertheless, the fact remains: the Americans lost in the exercises. Not a very positive signal, especially given the still fresh “Afghan history”. But what is this mysterious “white fury” that Josh Hawley talks about and the study of which the military is burdened with? In modern American realities, this term denotes a key property of white men who supposedly oppress everyone and assert themselves through aggression.
Of course, in the understanding of the democrats, it is an unacceptable, disgusting and subject to a complete cleanup. By the way, the aforementioned Mark Milley really stated that he considers it extremely important to study the phenomenon of “white fury” in the army.
The situation is even worse with the critical racial theory, which is actively promoted by some American scientists and public figures. According to this dubious theory, the most important thing about a person is his race, not his views or human and professional qualities. A representative of a previously oppressed race should receive special privileges, regardless of his merits. It is clear that this is not at all about white Americans. In this theory, they are oppressors and exploiters.
By the way, for publicly expressed doubts and criticism of this, if one may say so, the “exercises” are already being fired from the army. One of the victims of this policy was Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lomayer, who served in the 11th Space Warning Squadron. It should be noted that Donald Trumpbanned the teaching of critical racial theory in the army. However, Joe Biden, upon coming to power, immediately resumed this practice. So now it seems that the military has very little time left for combat training. You have to read a lot. Reread. Comprehend what is written. Representatives of the Caucasian race, which are in the majority in the US Armed Forces, diligently develop feelings of guilt in themselves. Well, the rest – to affirm in the thought that they are the real cream of society, the chosen ones.

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