Fate of British Conservatives

According to western media, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suffered two crushing parliamentary by-election defeats on Friday, including in a southwest English seat previously held by his ruling Conservatives for over a century along with another seat in Wakefield, Westminster.

The Johnson Conservatives party suffered loss in the constituency from where it fetched more than 24,000 votes in December 2019, while in Wakefield Johnson suffered defeat because Conservatives did not fulfill their promises made by the public.

British Premier, Boris Johnson has lived in the headlines throughout his tenure in the office, because of his outspoken behaviour, tall claims and reckless policies. While betrayal from British ideals and moral depletion of Conservatives MPs had been the real reason behind the defeat of Johnson’s Tories in past by-elections.

The recent by-election were held on the vacant seats of two Conservative MPs, Neil Narish and Imran Ahmad Khan who had been convicted by the courts for sexual assaults on teenagers, furthermore Johnson himself is still battling the disastrous effects of the Partygate scandal involving breach of lockdown SOP’s for celebration of his birthday party at Downing Street last year.

Realistically, Johnson himself and his aides have murdered their party as the claimers of Conservative values had abandoned good ethics and high standards of British society. Apparently, immature and selfish politicians had joined the party of Sir Robert Peel and Margaret Thatcher for the sake of power but couldn’t maintain the legacy of their predecessors. After Narish, Khan and Johnson, Priti Patel has seriously undermined British values through her ill-motivated actions against lawful immigrants, illegal border crossers and social liberties, while extradition of Julian Assange would be another Stigma for British Conservatives.

The Johnson government has lost almost all by-elections during its tenure but British Premier has yet not felt a sense of guilt over continuous defeat of his party and refused to step down from his seat. Whereas, Chairman Conservative Party, Oliver Dowdon has resigned from the Chairmanship after defeat in by-elections. According to critics, Johnson and his party has earned disgrace and lost the right to rule Great Britain, hence equital is the fate of Conservatives; it might happen now or after some time.