Pic04-054KARACHI: Dec04- Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab addressing press conference outside Provincial Assembly of Sindh in provincial capital. ONLINE PHOTO by Anwar Abbas

Federal government has no strategy to solve the problems of the people: Murtaza

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Karachi: Spokesperson of Sindh Governments and Advisor for Law, Environment & Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the federal government has no strategy to solve the problems of the people. It has made no attempt to improve his performance or correct his character. 

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Media Corner of Sindh Assembly.  He said that before PTI  government, they used to blame other governments for the gas crisis and load shedding.  This government is not only incompetent  but also full of contradictions and personal interests.  At this time, the gas crisis has started in the country.

 He appealed to the Chief Justice to take notice of the gas crisis at this time and to investigate the matter as to whose personal interests and business are involved.  “Unfortunately, self-interested people are making decisions and filling their pockets,” he said. 

The Chairman NAB and the Chief Justice should take notice of this matter and expose this corruption.  Under Article 158 of the Constitution, we should get the right to the province from which the gas comes out, but unfortunately this government is not giving gas to the province which is exploiting the economy.

He further said that past opposition Arif Alvi, Imran Khan and Asad Umar had announced to run the steel mill in 60 days on the issue of steel mill and Asad Umar had declared to be ashamed of taking U turn and stood with the workers.  Asad Umar had reiterated this promise after coming to power and as the Minister Asad Umar said that he had prepared a plan to run the steel mill but now he has made four and a half thousand workers unemployed and did not give them jobs.

He said that PPP and Sindh government stood by the Steel Mill employees.  These rulers have their eyes on the 13,000 acres of steel mill land, but we have this

He said that if any attempt was made to transfer the land to someone else under the guise of this decision, then this land would be transferred to the Sindh government immediately.

He said that he was also eyeing the land of Radio Pakistan and Printing Corporation. If this land was not used for its own purpose, it would automatically be returned to the Sindh government. 

The Sindh government stands by its position on the islands and we will not hold any talks until the federation withdraws its illegal ordinance.  An attempt has been made to get the Sindh border from this land and the federal government will have to withdraw the ordinance first and then talks will be considered. 

He said that work on Malir Expressway had started and it would be breaking ceremony soon.  Ninety percent of the work of Ibrahim Haideri Road had been completed. Eleven roads of Manora and the Site had also been completed.  The commitment to development would be fulfilled and work will be seen soon.

 He said that there should be a question from the representatives of the federation on K4 and also on the green line.  The dream of federal government ownership of the islands is illusory. It belongs to Sindh and will remain so.  “I invest in them,” he said

 I also tell the cars to be clear when they come, they will see the matter, they will be clear.  The federal government should respect the resolution of the esteemed Sindh Assembly.

 Responding to questions from journalists, the Sindh Governments Spokesperson said that the government was only protecting the interests of its ATMs.  Our decisions were ridiculed on Corona . The matter went to court and the federal government was given the power to decide. Earlier, the same federal government used to convene the people and keep saying that the PPP government was abusing the people.  Asad Umar used to say that now everything will be closed, there will be no gatherings. The next day he went to Sukkur himself and held a meeting.  Their aim is not to fight Corona, but to suppress the opposition.

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