Federal Ministers rushed to ECP to offer technology, after SC’s verdict

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAB: A group of Federal Ministers rushed to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to offer latest technologies for on head Senate Polls scheduled on Wednesday in the backdrop of today’s verdict delivered by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Presidential reference regarding Open Ballot Senate Poll.

Zoom into:- A Group of Federal Ministers included Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry, flanked by SAPM on Parliamentary Affairs Babar Awan, SAPM for Political Communication Dr. Shahbaz Gill and Federal Minister for Education and Training Dr. Shafqat Mahmood rushed to ECP just after the decision of Supreme Court on Presidential reference on open ballot senate poll. Minister held meetings with Election Commissioner and members of ECP and offered latest technologies available with government institutions.

Broad Detail: -After meeting with the top leadership of ECP, Ministers held an urgent press conference at Election Commission of Pakistan and briefed the media regarding their utmost efforts to get the upcoming Senate polls more transparent or said to be traceable vote to curb the disloyalty of the parliamentarians from their parties.

While interacting with media, Dr. Babar Awan claimed that today’s Supreme Court’s decision regarding Presidential reference on open ballot senate poll is inline with PTI’s efforts for transparent senate election. Dr. Awan said that today’s Supreme Court short opinion clearly states that it is the duty of the Election Commission of Pakistan to ensure that the election is to be conducted honestly, fairly, justly and according to the law so the corrupt practices can be eliminated from the election process.

He said that Supreme Court left the decision of identifiable ballot to ECP, which has to decide how the poll can be made identifiable while protecting their secrecy while considering the contemporary situations of the country. Dr. Awan noted that it is a decisive point in the history of the country.

Fawad Chaudhry said that the government desires that Supreme Court decision must be implemented in true letter and spirit. While providing the services of his ministry of Science and Technology he said although, under Supreme Court’s verdict the election will be secret for voters but not for ECP, which can investigate the polls in case a complaint lodge for the subject. He said that according to Article 220, all institutions of the country are bound to facilitate the process of election and help the ECP, however, ECP has to decide and all government machinery will available to that.

Why it matter:- Its matter a lot that Senate polls are scheduled on March 03, 2021, just one day left. Government had made huge outcry to get the senate poll through open ballot and the Supreme Court’s verdict came just one day left for the battle. Although, decision could not come according to hopes of the government yet there is a possibility that ECP opted to make the upcoming senate poll traceable/ identifiable. While answering a query that detail judgement of the court is still pending which can hamper the enforcement of the decision on the senate polls scheduled on Wednesday, Dr. Awan said that the decision is regarding the Presidential reference which was about the upcoming senate polls so it will be applicable on upcoming senate election.