Female makeup artists continue to protest ban on beauty salons

KABUL (TOLOnews): Female makeup artists continue to criticise the decision of the interim government to close women’s beauty salons, saying that the decision will deprive thousands of women from work.
They claimed that there are more than 12,000 women’s beauty salons across the country.
Earlier, the Ministry of Vice and Virtue in a letter ordered that women’s beauty salons should be closed within a period of one month.
25, Rahila, a make-up artist, said that after the universities were closed, she sought to work in women’s beauty salons.
“They closed schools for us, universities, educational centers and banned us from work. I came here in a women’s environment to learn a profession; they closed that on us as well. I don’t know what the Islamic Emirate wants from us,” she said.
“The women’s beauty salons are not doing tattoos… they are just working with health stuff,” said Marriam Shorash, a women’s rights activist.
Meanwhile, some of the female makeup artists held gatherings to protest the decision of the Islamic Emirate.
“There are 12,000 beauty salons. In every beauty salon between 15 to 20 people are working. Every worker and every woman supports their families,” said Alia, a female make-up artist.
“First of all, I am a woman who supports two families. I have disabled kids with me. So, the same is in all families. There is a widow in almost every family,” said Meena, head of the union of make-up artists.
Since its takeover of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate has issued multiple decrees that restrict women from public life.