Female schools will reopen after curriculum formalized

PARWAN (TOLOnews): The head of the security department in Parwan, Azizullah Omar, told TOLOnews that schools for female students will reopen soon after the work on the curriculum is finished.
“There is no problem about the start of schooling. There is only a problem in the curriculum. And therefore a committee has been formed for its reform. After confirmation of the clerics, the schools will begin,” he said.
This comes as female students expressed concerns, saying that the closure of schools has affected morale.
“I am absolutely hopeless about life. We hoped the schools would be reopened in the new educational year,” said Zuhal, a student.
“We ask the Islamic Emirate to reopen the doors of schools for us,” said Mursal, a student.
This comes as female students, who were recently barred from attending their universities, also urged the interim government to reopen their universities.
“We had our eyes on the reopening of our universities and thus we would be allowed to go to universities,” said Husna Behzad, a student. The ban on female schooling by the Islamic Emirate faced reactions inside Afghanistan as well as by the international community.