Female street vendors in Kunduz ask for job training, work

KUNDUZ (TOLOnews): Women who sell second-hand clothes in Kunduz complained about the bad economic situation.
These women asked the government to provide them with training and jobs.
“If they provided work, or a tailoring workshop, we would be happy. Why not tailoring? It is good and has a good income,” said Marina. “There is no income from our work. We come here but there is no work to do. The work situation is so bad, we want good work that has a good income,” said Naziya, a seller.
“I have been a tenant for 23 years, I am a widow, I am sick, I am not receiving treatment, I have a sick child, he cannot work, these are my problems,” said Khasiyat Mah, a clothes seller.
Meanwhile, the head of the information and culture department of Kunduz said that if when the cases of these women are reviewed they are considered deserving, help will be provided to them. “Needy people in our province, if they are women or children, are investigated and eligible people are registered. After that, they will be helped,” said Matiullah Rohani.
According to United Nations reports, after the restrictions on women’s work in NGOs and broader restrictions on women’s rights, many women are jobless.