Fiji’s largest Mosque opens in Saweni, Lautoka

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SAWENI: Fiji’s largest mosque which can cater for more than four thousand people has opened in Saweni, Lautoka.

The three-story mosque which cost around $1.5m to construct has been built at a strategic location to cater for poor families.

The Masjid will cater for people who cannot travel far for prayers says Organizing Committee member, Nasir Khan.

“The only thing is this by having a Masjid like this the young generation are brought to the Masjid and because of that they are taught the good things. Like very rare nowadays you will find people coming to the Masjid and them ending up doing wrong things which is not permissible in Islam. So by having a Masjid here it will educate the young ones when they grow up.”

Khan says the Masjid in Saweni before used to be a shed only which fit around seven people.

He says with the increase in population, they decided to build the largest Masjid in Fiji.

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