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Faizabad sit-in protestors ordered to disperse or face action

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ISLAMABAD : While implementing the Islamabad High Court’s order on Friday, the district administration in Islamabad has issued final warning to sit-in protestors in Faizabad to clear the main road by 12:00am.

Roughly 2,000 protesters from the Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah Pakistan group have blocked the main highway used by thousands of commuters since November 6, causing hours-long traffic snarls.

In the final notice, the district administration has warned that operation will be launched against the protestors after 12:00am and the protesting party will be responsible if any mishap occurred.

Earlier today, while issuing the contempt of court notice to Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal over his failure to implement the court order, the Islamabad High Court (IHC) directed the district administration to clear Faizabad sit-in protest within three days.

Justice Shaukat Siddiqui said the court cannot issue license to kill, however, most of the protestors would disperse only with teargas shelling only.

The whole Muslim Ummah coherence on the belief of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, he added.

On Monday, the court had warned authorities to obey its order to shut down the protest, which has sparked widespread anger by virtually bringing the capital to a halt for almost nineteen days.

The protesters are demanding the resignation of federal law minister Zahid Hamid over a hastily-abandoned amendment to the oath election candidates must swear. The government puts the issue down to a clerical error.

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