Finance Ministry reacts to SIGAR report

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Finance, in reaction to SIGAR’s last report, said that this ministry does not take business licenses and administrative fees from financial assistance institutions, and provides administrative, financial, and security facilities to these institutions.
Before this SIGAR in a report said that the Islamic Emirate Finance Ministry collects taxes from supporting institutions.
“The Ministry of Finance has exempted all the tax from humanitarian organizations and does not take administrative fees, we just want business licenses in accordance with global principles,” said Ahmad Wali Haqmal, spokesman for the Finance Ministry.
Economists said that Afghanistan’s people need aid and that necessary facilities should be provided for them. “In the current situation unfortunately, people are faced with serious economic challenges and it’s necessary that the intl community continue humanitarian aid for Afghanistan,” said Mer Shikab Mer, economist.
“More efforts should be made to provide more opportunities for meeting needs in Afghanistan in a situation where people don’t have economic ability and are faced with harsh winters, and the presence of supporting institutions is important,” said Shaker Yaqobi, economist.
Earlier, SIGAR in a report said that the current government receives income from the aid provided by the United States, and there is no guarantee that this aid will reach the right people.