Finland will build fences on border with Russia

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HELSINKI (RIA Novosti): On critical sections of the Russian border in Finland, they plan to install more effective border barriers, MTV3 reports.
“This is an important de-cision to start building fen-ces on the eastern (Russian) border, either in key areas or to cover most of the border with them. This is a massive change for us, so it requires decision-making at a higher level,” said the commander of the Border Guard of the Northern Karelia Marko Turunen.
According to him, border barriers are planned for high-risk areas and critical areas, such as border crossing points and areas near them.
Finland has a common border with Russia that is 1,340 kilometers long. At present, the border between Finland and Russia is separated only by a barbed wire fence.
“The existing fence does not play any role in preve-nting crossing the border. I-ts main purpose is to prev-ent pets from escaping acr-oss the border,” said Jukk-a, deputy commander of the Southeast Finnish Border Guard, in an interview with public broadcaster YLE.
Finnish Interior Minister Krista Mikkonen also commented on plans to install a new fence on the Russian border. She noted that according to the new report on the security of the country, the construction of border barriers is part of the operational preparation of Finland.

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