First Afghan-Iranian specialized industry expo held in Kabul

First Afghan-Iranian specialized industry expo held in Kabul

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KABUL: For the first time, an Afghan-Iranian specialized industry exhibition was held in Kabul. The Afghanistan International Chamber of Commerce (AICC) said that while Afghanistan imports more than $ 2.5 billion worth of goods from Iran annually, Afghanistan’s exports to Iran only amount to around $14 million.

ACCI officials at the exhibition of construction goods, services and technologies said that to reduce the trade deficit between Afghanistan and Iran, Iran needs to implement a preferential tariffs program.

Dozens of investors, government officials and members of the Iranian and Afghan parliaments participated in the opening event of the exhibition.

“There are many problems with our 2.5 billion-dollar imports from Iran per year, our exports do not make even a percentage of it,” said ACCI deputy chief Mohammad Younus Mohmand.

Meanwhile, the acting Minister of Industry and Commerce Ministry raised concerns over the import of smuggled goods from Iran to Afghanistan.

“If smuggling and illegal means are prevented–on the one hand, this will make accurate statistics of our trade relations, and on the other, there will be no problems in the markets,” said Nisar Ahmad Ghoryani, acting minister for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

Meanwhile, the Iranian envoy in Kabul, Bahador Aminian, says that progress in the peace talks between Afghans is important for improving trade relations between the two countries.

“Peace is the prelude to progress and development, and we hope that without the interference of foreigners or the imposition of the will of the foreigners, the various groups inside Afghanistan will take into account the interests of the Afghan people and be able to reach an agreement,” said Aminian.

The Iranian envoy also said that Iranians are interested in large investments in energy production in Afghanistan.

“Iranian businessmen in Afghanistan are willing to invest to increase production in various sectors,” Aminian added. (TOLOnews)

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